What is a “User Value Calculator”?
G2Link helps you collect feedback directly from your end users, and we use this data to create a value score. This value score, when compared over time or when contrasted against other companies, demonstrates how valuable your users are finding your application, relative to early versions and to other Web applications.

Why do I want to calculate my “User Value”? A couple reasons:

+ Funding Opportunities via Credibility
Your overall UV score is publically visible on your company’s G2Link profile, and is often a point of pride for your company. When your UV score is high enough it can be a selling point for both traditional and crowdfunding investors, as it represents a form of public trust in your products and services.

+ Collect and measure feedback from your users
There is always room for improvement, but products and services can’t evolve unless you know what’s wrong. Our feedback plugin can help with that, and you can install it on your own Web pages in seconds!

Is the User Value Calculator only for Web applications?
Sort of – The UVC widget obviously gives the most accurate feedback when you know the end-users; when they should be be registered or logged in to your website – this prevents spam and astroturfing. Since you’ll be hearing from your real customers, and not from your competitors PR firm, we can collect objective, authentic feedback from them. Since most Web applications requires users to have an account, our UVC widget is a perfect fit for that situation. Traditional products and services with an online loyalty program might also be suitable for good UVC feedback, since you’ll know who those users when they log in to your Web site.