When businesses work with each other, they make trust decisions. Doing so involves performing research and checking references which is expensive and time consuming. The process for establishing, maintaining and granting credit for business is fundamentally busted. It's expensive, inaccurate and non-transparent.

G2Link provides a platform for businesses to rate each other, perform research and monitor their key business partners.

Research companies

G2Link offers a unique way to perform research on companies. Quickly search for companies, research their ratings, business information and read reviews created by their business partners.

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Rate companies based on your experience of their performance

Rate companies based on your experience with their performance. You can rate a company’s performance as a customer vendor or partner. As companies receive ratings from their peers, G2Link calculates their average rating and associates a risk score for each company.

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Monitor your eco-system

Monitor your customers, vendors and partners. G2Link enables you to associate companies as either a customer vendor or partner and monitor each group.

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Email Alerts

Receive email alerts for the companies you added to your lists and get notified when they are rated or have important events.

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