G2Link FoundersG2Link was founded by a father and son entrepreneurial team: Edward Sullivan the CEO and Edward Sullivan the CTO. While serving as the CEO of Aria Systems (which he also founded), Ed Sr. had become frustrated with the limitations of granting and tracking credit for small and medium businesses. You can read A Story About Company Stability.

This experience led to a few key insights which ignited the idea for G2Link. The basic idea was that peers were more well informed than the credit bureaus and that business trust and reputation were better indicators of a company’s long term viability.

Current risk management solutions are loaded with inaccurate data, expensive and only track payment history to determine a credit score. Because of these limitations, most businesses only track the credit of new customers and don’t monitor the risk during the entire business relationship.

The founders envisioned a better way to manage risk where the data is open, created collaboratively and better correlated to business viability. To this end they founded G2Link to be a peer to peer risk management platform.